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The Best Property for You

Egon’s Estate, estimate 2016 by Egon Takeda, is a german virtual land provider in Second Life.

I offer Mainland parcels in exclusive locations, „Luxury Rentals“ on expensive adult or moderate rated mainland continents mainly surrounded by protected water. With full privacy, with commercial and private use permissions, I offer also parcels on private islands, with best performance and affordable prices up to full region service.

Snake Beach

Lovers Island

Bangkok Bay

All Saints Bay

Second Life „Luxury Rentals“ – With the service you can afford

Make your dream of your own home come true

My offers starting on 512 sqm (Skyboxes) – and going up to any size.

I include the service for homesteads and full regions and I am also happy to support sub lease giver and their business.

I like to design small pieces of land (up to 4096sqm) with nice decorations or , if you like, you will get your home
just undeveloped, and create your own paradise by yourself.


Except some mainland parcels and full region rentals, I rate the regions always as „ADULT“!

This rating shall prevent my customers for violation of the Terms of Service of Second Life, because with this Rating no real underaged persons have access to the Land and a violation of the TOS is excluded. This is to protect real children and of course everyone else.

If you have questions about Land Rating or if you look for moderate reated rentals please contakt Egon Takeda inworld.


Egon’s Estate does not just want „earn“ tier – with support of projects, focussed on the LGBTQ+ Community.

Since 2015 I am the owner of TWINK HOT SPOT, since

spring 2022 a new Jungle Place, „Witapaha Gay Jungle and Beach Resort“ was born, Egon’s Estate is happy to gives the region in a sponsorship to this amazing project.

Each Tenant who rent with me, helps also to keep this places alive.